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How modern healthcare is being revolutionized by social media.


Social media is a platform to be used by the public, patients and healthcare providers to connect with health professionals and communicate about health issues with the chances of improving health outcomes. Social media is an absolutely powerful tool which allows users to interact, generate, share, receive and comment. There is an ongoing increase in the use of social media worldwide, including healthcare context. Social media is changing the way and speed of health care interaction between individuals and health organizations. People are becoming more health-conscious and day by day they are shifting towards social media to find any information regarding health. Health care professionals are also approaching social media for their services. People have become informed, tech savvy and connected.

The six key benefits of social media are-

(1) increased communication with others

(2) More available, shared, and accessible information

(3) Increased accessibility and widening access to health information

(4) peer/social/emotional support

(5) Increased awareness, more informed and connected

(6) Potential to influence health policy.






Facebook is the top active social media platform in India. 125 millions of users are using facebook in India, out of which 114 million are mobile facebook users. The number of users is increasing day by day. Half of the world online users are taking help of social media for health-related information. More than 40% of the patients say that social media affects the way they deal with their health. 316 million users use twitter these days of which 40 million are Indian users.  Usage of social media in rural parts of India has grown up by 100% in the past year with 25 million people using the Internet just to log in to twitter and facebook.

More than 40% of the consumers find social media fruitful and say it affects the way they deal with their health. Millennials are more proceeding towards online health consultation than elders. Approximately 20 % of smartphone owners have at least one health application on their cell phones. Exercise, diet and weight apps are the most popular types. From a recent study, 54% of patients are comfortable with the online advice to treat their conditions.31% of Doctors, hospitals use social media for professional networking. 41% of the people check online ratings of doctors before consulting them.

Patients are continuously seeking an online platform for their health doubts. Patients typically use the internet to search for symptoms, treatments, and opinions. They expect the internet to provide accurate information. 


Keeping the trends in mind is making an effort to deliver health care services easier and faster than before. We understand the requirements of the consumers and according to that, we have pledged to deliver our services. We believe in the effectiveness of the services. We provide our services digitally that is time-saving, cost-effective and patient centric. We have our online software that would help you to provide healthcare services instantly. is an attempt to decline the inaccessibility of standard health care to rural people and make it accessible to remote areas. We are continuously understanding the challenges and trying to find out the solutions for them. As people are becoming more aware and more conscious about their health, they are searching every bit of the information on the web. Focussing that in mind,we have all information regarding specialties and multi-specialties on our websites. We have a blog where users can get basic health tips, knowledge for some common diseases and ways to prevent them.

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