Throat Cancer and It's Symptoms

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Are you losing your weight rapidly? Have you felt difficulty while swallowing? Have you felt changes in your voice? Or often felt sudden ringing or pain in your ear? Or is your voice becoming hoarse? Or having difficulty while breathing? You need to worry about it as your body may have developed throat cancer. Let's know more about throat cancer.


Throat cancer comes under the category of head and neck cancer and develops in the organs that help you speak, swallow, and breathe. Throat cancer has been differentiated depending upon the part of the throat, it has affected. The throat is divided into the oropharynx, the hypopharynx, the nasopharynx, and the larynx, also called as the voice box. The most important factors causing throat cancer are excess use of tobacco and heavy drinking. If you suspect any of the symptoms described above, contact your doctor soon for the physical examination of the head, neck, and throat.


Potential sign of throat cancer-

A change in voice

Difficulty in swallowing

Rapid weight loss

Sore throat

Long-lasting cough

Ear pain

A lump in the neck and throat

Nose bleeding


Causes and Risk Factor-

Men are more susceptible to develop throat cancer than women. Let's know some main causes.

1. Excessive Alcohol Consumption

2. Smoking

3. Poor dental hygiene

Some other risk factors include-

1. Male gender

2. Advanced age(65+)

3. Chemical Exposure



Imaging test

MRI or CT scan

PET scan



Stop Smoking

Reduce alcohol consumption

Maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Where should you go for the treatment? 

If you are unsure about the oncologist to consult your problem feel free to contact us, we would be happy to help you.To find a doctor near you visit


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