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Thyroid  problem, a silent hormonal imbalance disease which affects more than half of the Indian population and causes a series of problems. Though women are more vulnerable to develop thyroid problem but it affects men too. Thyroid problems can be of any type, it might be hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, thyroid nodules, and goiter or thyroid cancer. Hypothyroidism is the most common and prevalent form of thyroid problems among all.


If you struggle with fatigue, lack of energy, depression or low motivation, unexplained weight gain or weight loss, anxiety, high sensitivity to cold , a horse voice, constipation, thin or brittle hair, more perspiration, insomnia or trouble concentrating then you might have a thyroid problem. There are people who are silently suffering from thyroid problem and do not know they have it. They do not know their series of problems are due to thyroid disease. And those who know that they have thyroid problem treat it carelessly and heedlessly. If you are one of them who are currently suffering from thyroid issues then you need to take care and improve your health.


There are various factors which contribute to the development of thyroid problem. Your family’s medical history plays an important role in thyroid disease so it is necessary to know your family history. If you are in the middle-aged group, you are more susceptible to thyroid problems. Some other factors are exposure to radiations, smoking and female gender etc.


It is important to keep your physical, emotional and mental life in balance. There are some healthy, safe and effective ways by following which you can improve your thyroid function and overall health.

1. Eat more iodine, selenium and zinc rich food- Consuming foods that are rich in iron or selenium such as fish, nuts, spinach, eggs, dairy products like cheese, chia seeds, flax-seeds, chick peas, beans, mushrooms would help patients with hypothyroid disease.

2. Manage anxiety- Anxiety, depression and stress are the common feelings people with hormonal imbalances generally experiences. It is important to tackle the stress by getting proper sound sleep, meditation, exercising, taking active participation in sports and community parties.

3. Reduce toxicity- Quit unnecessary medication, smoking or second hand smoke, commercial beauty or cleaning products which may cause inflammations and triggers your symptoms. 

4. Add herbs to your plate- Herbs have been used for decades to cure diseases. They help you deal with stress. Ahshwagandha would be the effective way to treat thyroid naturally.

5. Add vitamin B- Add vitamin B if you want to improve your thyroid function. Eat more raw cheese, milk, eggs, and grass fed meat, fish like tuna or salmon as it will treat your chronic fatigue.


It is recommended to keep eyes on the symptoms and talk to your doctor if you experience above mentioned symptoms. Eat healthy diet, be physically active, exercise regularly  and drink plenty of water to stay fit and active.


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