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Managing your lifestyle is extremely important if you are a patient of diabetes. It is important to know how to maintain your blood sugar level within the range. It is important to know which diet we should follow, when to consult a doctor, what are the medications and how to control diabetes and many things that contribute to healthy living. Following are the things that play a vital role in managing your sugar level.


1. Focus on your diet- We know that healthy eating is a base of healthy living. It becomes more considerable when it comes to the diabetes patient. Whatever you eat somehow affects your blood sugar level. So it is important to focus and give attention to your diet, especially when you are diabetes patient. No food is prohibited to eat in diabetes but you should eat only as much as your body requires. You should cut down your consumptions of sugary and fatty food. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruits and whole grains.N ote down your carbohydrate consumptions when you are taking insulin.


2. Exercise- If you are not physically active, it’s time to push yourself now. Indulge yourself in the habit that makes you more sweat and breathe than other sedentary activities. When you increase your physical work, your body needs energy and uses sugar in the form of energy hence balancing your sugar level.  

3. Drink plenty of waters- Drink lots of water and other less sugary fluids to maintain sugar levels in blood and avoid drinking sugar- sweetened beverages that are highly associated with diabetes.

4- Stress less- If you are stressed your body produces the hormone that will increase your blood sugar level. Additionally, it also becomes difficult to maintain and manage a healthy lifestyle routine if you are stressed. So following activities such as yoga, meditation and getting help from your psychologist or friends would help reduce your stress.

5. Medication- You need to be in contact with your doctor if you have reported inconsistency in your sugar level. You should have knowledge about the medicines that are formed to lower your sugar level and the doses you need to take. Be cautious with new medications and its impacts on your sugar levels.

6. Stop smoking- Diabetes  makes you more vulnerable to diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, eye diseases, stroke, chronic kidney diseases, skin diseases and foot problems. If you are a smoker your chances are higher to develop these diseases than others. It is advisable to find the ways and try to quit smoking if you are a diabetes patients.


7- Limit your alcohol consumption- If you drink then drink in a limit, do not overdo it. Cut down your alcohol consumption if you are a diabetic as it can make blood sugar level too high.

8. Get checkups- Consult your doctors at least once in a month. If you are diabetic you are more prone to get heart attack and other diseases related to hearts.It is recommended  to know your cholesterol level, blood pressure  and sugar level. You are also a high risk of getting eye diseases so get your full eye checkup done at least once in a 6 months.


Millions of people are living with diabetes, it is important to maintain a healthy schedule to be fit and healthy.

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