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Do you feel tired and exhausted most of the time? Feeling tired all the time has become an order of the day. Doing small activity or official work is enough to make one tired. It is absolutely okay to feel tired sometimes but a prolonged feeling of tiredness could be an alarming situation towards a habit which definitely needs to be improved.There are many times when you crave for the rest even after not doing enough of activity that makes you tired. If that is the case then you must improve your habit. Let us see what are the habits that make you tired all the day.


1. Your coffee or tea addiction is draining your energy

Excessive addition of tea or milk would make you tired in the long run. It first makes you feel energetic and picks you up and then gradually dampens your energy. Coffee also hampers your quality of sleep. Cut down your consumption of caffeine, cup by cup to avoid tiredness, headaches, and irritability.

2. You have an iron deficiency

Iron is needed by the body to make red blood cells. If you are iron deficient, you are prone to tiredness and weakness. Eat iron rich food such as dark green and leafy vegetables, sunflower seed,beans,dates, dried fruits, pulses, meats, and seafood. Figures show that one out of 3 women is anemic and feel tired and exhausted throughout the day.



3.You’re missing out on vital B-vitamins

It is important to eat food that is rich in vitamins B. It is essential to provide the body with enough vitamins to make it live throughout the day. Vitamin B is vital as it is needed by the body that converts your food into energy. Increase your consumption that is a good source of vitamins such as brown rice, egg, meat, fish, poultry and milk to make you lively throughout the day.


4.You are dehydrated

Water is an extremely important for maintaining the energy level in the body. Losing water from the body can greatly reflect your energy level and make you dehydrated. Not having enough water, working in the air-conditioned office or going for a brisk walk make you dehydrated that leads to headaches, drop in blood pressure, fatigue and loss of concentration. You should drink plenty of water or try to drink water after every two hours.

5. You’re overdosing on sugar

According to many nutritionists, sugary energy drinks and snacks foods such as chocolate, biscuits, coke, soda, lemonade can make you more tired than giving you energy. Excess consumptions of high sugary food leave you lethargic, exhausted and desperate for a mild nap. Cut down your consumption of sugar and swap to low sugar foods.


6. Skipping breakfast-

Not having breakfast in the morning make you feel exhausted and tired all the day. Hence it is advisable to eat a good breakfast in the morning to stay fresh and energetic all day long.

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