Top Reasons Why You Should Add Moong Dal Sprouts to Your Breakfast

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Owing to its high nutritional nature and impressive health benefits, super healthy moong dal sprouts are considered as one of the wondrous food. The top dietitians or nutritionists highly recommend adding this food to your breakfast either in its raw or cooked form. There are plenty of reasons to add sprouts to our daily meals. It is packed with fibers, low in calories, loaded with essential Vitamins such as C and K; are some vital reasons among them. They are easy to prepare, light in weight, and quite affordable that can be easily and conveniently added to your diet.

Why Nutritionist Recommends Moong Dal Sprouts?

It is believed that sprouts multiply the nutritional value of the grains, legumes, or beans. Sprouting doubles up the minerals present in grains which aid in many ways. Sprouts contain wide ranges of enzymes that protect the body from cancer developing agents. They aid in digestion, improves blood circulation, and boost oxygen levels. It helps in detoxifying our body by removing toxins from the body. To add more, sprouts help increase the level of minerals such as Vitamin D in the body.

Here, we have listed out some of the super benefits of super healthy moong bean sprouts

1) Packed with Vitamin K

Vitamin K is required for the process of blood clotting. It also helps in bone formation and maintaining bone density. Moong daal sprouts are packed with Vitamin K. Its sprouts fulfill the daily requirements of Vitamin K. Hence, adding this to your diet would be taking the first step towards a healthy body.

2) Loaded With Vitamin C and Protein

Moong daal sprouts are loaded with a high content of vitamin C and protein. Both are needed by the body to fight infections and build and repair tissues respectively. Vitamin C in the body helps build a strong immunity system and protects cells from free radicals. They are packed with antioxidant properties that prevent healthy cells from foreign agents.

3) Boosts Blood Circulation

Moong daal sprouts give a boost to oxygen level and blood cell count thus help in boosting blood circulation. They increase the amount of iron and copper in the body.

4) Aids in Digestion

Consuming moong daal sprouts has impressive benefits when it comes to digestion. They are packed with a high amount of enzymes and fibers which help in the digestion process. They also boost the metabolic process of the body thus help in weight loss. They increase the nutrients absorption ability of the digestive tract. The fibers present in it prevent constipation and various gastritis problems.

5. Helpful in Weight Loss

If you are on the mission of weight loss, you would be glad to know that a bowl of sprouts can satiate your appetite without interrupting your mission. Sprouts contain very less calories and a high amount of fibers which give a feeling of fullness for a longer period of time.

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