Top Ten Causes of Swollen Feet

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1- Blood clot- Blood clot that forms in the veins of the legs blocks the blood flow back to the heart and causes swelling in feet and ankles. Blood clots can be deadly and life threatening if they move to the heart and lungs. If case you observe swelling in your leg and discolored skin patches, you should immediately talk to your doctor.

2- Infection- If you are diabetic, you are at greater risk for infections. Swelling in the legs can be a symptom of infection. It is important to inspect your feet daily for blisters and sores. If you notice infections, you should contact your doctor right away.

3- Chronic heart disease- Sometimes your ankle and feet swelling indicates a chronic heart problem. Retention of salt and water in your feet also indicates that your heart is at greater risk of failure. 

4- Chronic kidney disease- Chronic kidney problem can also cause leg swelling. When your kidney does not function properly it secretes the fluid that accumulates in the body and causes swelling in legs. Fluids can also accumulate in chest and abdomen. It is highly advisable to you that if you notice any enlargement in your legs structure or abdomen, you should immediately consult your doctor.

5- Medication side effect- Medication can also cause swelling in your ankle and feet due to its side effects. Mild swelling can be ignored but if you observe severe swelling it is mandatory to change your dosage.

6- Cirrhosis- Cirrhosis is the severe and life-threatening medical conditions that lead to poor functioning of the liver. It may be the cause of your leg swelling.

7- Malnutrition- Lack of essential nutrients in your diet can make you nutritional deficient. Children are more prone to become nutritional deficient than adults. You can talk to your doctor about the diet change and nutritional supplements if you notice swelling in your legs.

9- Arthritis- Arthritis can also cause your ankles and feet to swell. It is most commonly caused rheumatoid arthritis.

10- Prolonged Inactivity- Not moving from your position or staying in one position can also cause your ankles and feet to swell.


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