Use These Tips to Help Manage Your Gastritis Symptoms

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Gastritis is an extremely uncomfortable and irritating inflammatory condition which may put you at risk of acute or chronic medical conditions such as stomach ulcer, anemia, bleeding and even cancer. The symptoms you experience while suffering from gastritis are: burning in the upper abdomen, heartburn, feeling of heaviness in the stomach, acute pain in chest, yellow, or green vomiting, pain that radiates to the back, nausea, shortness of breath, excessive sweating, fainting, severe stomach pain, and rapid heartbeat, etc.

Gastritis is the most common health problem majority of the people suffer from. Even though this is the condition most people tend to avoid but needs to be managed and resolved to prevent further damage to your body. It is also important to know the various factors and underlying conditions that cause gastritis. It may occur due to virus or fungus infections, allergic reactions, cysts on the stomach walls, eating a poor diet, nutrient deficiencies, smoking, drinking high amount of alcohol, being overweight, or having a history of autoimmune disorders. Stress, depression, routine use of pain medications, exposure to radiation, certain medical conditions also makes you more vulnerable to experience gastritis.
The good part of the problem is that it can be reversed and treated only with the little alteration in the lifestyle and your diet. You can lessen your symptom of gastritis by lowering alcohol consumption, reducing stress, quitting smoking, limiting or eliminating use of certain medicines, cutting down your caffeine intake, reducing use of spicy foods, processed/packaged foods, and citrus fruits. By adding foods that are high in fibers, vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, vitamin B12, omega-3 fatty acids to your diet, you can help lower your gastritis symptoms.

Know more about the things that can worsen your symptoms and should be avoided. Use these tips to help manage your gastritis symptoms-
1)Drink Enough Water- Dehydration has been linked to increased gastritis symptoms. Water helps keep your stomach function better and make your digestion easier. It soothes you stomach and prevents acid production and burning. It is recommended to aim for at least eight glass of water daily.
2)Eat smaller meals- It is recommended to eat smaller meals instead of eating larger meals. Larger meals at a long interval trigger gastritis symptoms such as acid production or bloating. Eating smaller meals more frequently help increase blood flow to the stomach and also prevents from gastritis problems
3)Avoid eating before going to bed- It is recommended to avoid eating just before going to bed. Prefer eating three to four hours before going to bed to fully digest your food.
4)Reduce stress- According to some health professionals stress and depression have been highly linked to increased gastritis symptoms. As per a study it is found that stress worsens gastritis symptoms by lowering your immune functions. So take measures to reduce stress to prevent future damage to your health. 
5)Quit smoking and alcohol- Unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking and alcohol cause threat to your health and are major contributors to various medical conditions. These habits trigger the gastritis symptoms and may also lead to ulcer and abdomen infections. It is recommended to quit smoking and reduce your consumption of alcohol to heal your problem.
6)Avoid certain foods- Certain foods such as oranges, lemons, limes, grapes, tomatoes, milk are seemed to be greatly linked with gastritis. The consumption of these foods can worsen the symptoms and aggravate the problem. Coffee, spicy foods such as hot peppers, chili, black pepper, curry and hot sauce are acidic in nature and might put you in great trouble. So avoid cutting down the foods that cause trouble and start adding foods rich in fibers, anti-oxidants such as green leafy vegetables, ginger, turmeric, cruciferous veggies, beans, apples, whole grains, oats, almonds, chia seeds, and fish, etc.

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