What Causes Heart Attack in Fit and Healthy People?

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Do you know that heart attack can take your life even if you don’t have prior history or symptoms of any cardiovascular problems? Do you know that 25% of the people do not experience any discomfort or pain even after having severe blockages? Do you know someone who is fit and healthy could also have one or more blocked coronary arteries? You might be one of them who may suffer heart disease. According to the Indian Heart Association, people under the age of 50 are at greater risk of getting heart attack and women are more susceptible to get cardiovascular problems as compared to men. The sad part is that when it comes to cardiovascular problem your fitness and good health does not take guarantee against heart problem. Those who do not have any prior health issues, seem healthy and fit, conscious about diet and exercise, can also get sudden heart attack at any times.

According to the cardiologist, the reasons behind the growing numbers of heart attacks is a lack of awareness of risk factors, unhealthy lifestyle, unscheduled sleep patterns, stress, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, avoidance of regular health checkup and many more. There are some symptoms you need to keep eyes on such as shortness of breath, fatigue, persistent cough or wheezing, weakness, palpitation, lack of appetite, increased heart rate, vomiting, nausea, and confusion.

It is highly recommended to undergo annual heart checkup if you are 35 or above to prevent your risk of getting heart attack. Getting your heart checkup done and screening of your heart disease should be in your high priority list among others checkups and screening as Indians are genetically more vulnerable to develop cardiovascular problems.
There are various other factors that lead to cardiovascular problems. Over stress could be number one factors that lead to heart attack. Thus keeping your stress level in check is important to prevent heart attack. Other factors can be over exertion or extreme exercise or high-intensity exercise in a short span may also lead to a heart attack.

How can you prevent your risk?
You can greatly reduce your risk of getting heart attack by following healthy lifestyle at early stage. Some of the tips you can follow are-
1)Add plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to your plate. Foods that contain high amount of fiber highly lower your chances of getting heart attack.
2)Avoid eating junk foods, processed foods, foods loaded with fats, salt and sugar. As these foods increase your chances of obesity and that may lead to heart attack.
3)Quit smoking and alcohol.
4)Stay physically active and manage healthy weight. Reduce your weight if you are obese.
5)Get proper health check up and screening done at regular interval.
6)Avoid stress and manage risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol level and diabetes, etc.

The bottom line- It’s never too late to start a heart-healthy lifestyle. No matter what your family history is, the symptoms you observe or the lifestyle you follow. It only requires a little extra effort to lead a heart healthy and happy life. So stay healthy, stay fit.

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