What Is Digital Eye Strain And How To Avoid it?

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Do your eyes look extremely tired at the end of long working day? Do you feel strain, burning and itching sensation in your eyes that tends to get worse as the day goes on? Do you have problems like watery eyes, blurred vision, recurring headache, difficulty concentrating on things? You also feel increased sensitivity to light, cramps in neck, painful shoulder or an aching back. If you experience one or more of these conditions or symptoms then your eyes have developed eye strain or digital eye strain. 
Similar to your muscles in the body, your eyes can get tired too. It may get tired due to excess time spent staring on screen of computer or phones, spending long hours in front of a TV. There could be some other factors which may contribute to your eye strain such as insufficient or powerful lighting, poor diet, prolonged hours of academic studies, tension, depression, bad sleeping habits, and many more. 
Eye strain, which is also termed as tired eyes or fatigue eyes can be a distressing condition for you. Though it is not a serious and threatening issue but should be treated soon to prevent further complexities.
Though you can treat your problem by following certain lifestyle changes but you should also consult your ophthalmologist to prevent future eye damage. Consult your nearby ophthalmologist through, in case if you are experiencing these symptoms. 
1. Redness irritation or inflammation in the eyes
2. Pain around the eyes which usually disappears with rest.
3. Difficulty concentrating on things
4. Blurred vision or double vision
5. Feeling heaviness in the forehead 
6. Pain in the surrounding of eye sockets.
It is highly recommended to follow these natural treatments to reduce the stress around your eyes. 
1.Take Regular Breaks from Electronic Devices-
Strenuous and long hour staring on screen is one of the most common factors for your eye strain. It is recommended to take regular breaks if you spend long hours working on computer. Blink your eyes enough or close your eyes for few seconds to relax its muscles. 
2.Practice Soothing Eye Exercises-
It is greatly advised for students or working people to opt soothing eye exercises. Eyes exercise include palming, blinking, sideways viewing, front and sideways viewing, rotational viewing, up and down viewing, preliminary nose tip gazing, and near and distant viewing. Practicing eye exercise regularly will relieve you from watery, irritated and tired eyes. 
3.Avoid sunshine-
Excess sun light may affect your eyes adversely. It can trigger your eye strain symptoms or in some cases make it worse such as redness, inflammation or headache. Avoid visiting outside during peak hours of the day. Or, wear sunglasses, hat or cover your face with stole to protect your eyes. 
4.Increase the Amount of Light in the Room –
Do not read or work on electronically-lit- system in low light as it may cause stress around your eyes. Try to increase the amount of light in your room especially when you read or work.
5.Try Listening Instead of Reading-
It is also recommended you to listen to videos or audios rather than staring on screen while reading. Avoid unnecessarily time spent on phones, tablets or computer. Give break to your eyes by resting and closing them more often.
6.Get Enough Sleep and Eat Healthy-
As mentioned above, our eyes also get tired after long hours of working. So it requires enough sleep to feel refreshed. It is recommended to take at least 7-9 hours of sound sleep. Your diet also plays an important role in keeping your eyes healthy. So take nutrient rich and colored foods such as carrots, citrus fruits, leafy green vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, green beans, etc.
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