What Is Fatty Liver?Know Its Symptoms and Risk Factors.

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According to statistics 10 to 20 percent of the population is suffering from some form of mild or chronic liver problems. Liver is considered as the largest internal organ of the body which helps to digest whatever you eat or drink. In addition to processing foods it also removes toxic from the blood.

What is fatty liver?

Fatty liver which is also called hepatic steatosis is a common liver condition. It occurs when the fat in the liver accounts to more than 5 to 10 percentage of your liver’s weight. Having some fat in the liver is a normal condition but excessive buildup of fat could be fatal to your health. Its cases are more common in people of age between 40 to 60. It can be a life threatening problem if not recognized and treated.

What are the noticeable symptoms of fatty liver?

Fatty liver is a silent problem which means it symptoms might not be visible to you. However in some cases it symptoms include-

1. Excessive fatigue

2. Abdominal discomfort

3. Poor appetite

4. Weight Loss

5. Physical weakness

6. Confusion

7. Enlarged abdomen

8.Y ellowing of the skin or eyes.

9. Nausea or Vomiting

What causes fatty liver?

One of the most common causes of fatty liver is excess consumption of alcohol or heavy drinking. But sometimes it may occur in non alcoholic people too.According to health professionals high-fat or high sugar dietary may also contribute to fatty liver.

Here are some other factors which may also contribute to fatty liver disease.

1. Obesity

2. Diabetes

3. High level of fats in the blood

4. Genetic inheritance

5. Rapid weight loss

6. Side effect of certain medications

Types of fatty liver-

There are basically two types of fatty liver-

 1. Nonalcoholic 

2. Alcoholic.

1. Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease-

As the name itself suggests that this liver disease is not related to alcohol. It occurs when your liver contains at least 10% fat of overall liver’s weight. In this disease your liver can not break down fat and hence the amount of fat increases.

2. Alcoholic fatty liver-

One of the common causes of alcoholic fatty liver is alcoholism.Alcohol damages the liver and hence liver cannot perform its function. As a result the level of fats buildups and causes fatty liver disease.

Who are at greater risk for fatty liver?

Other factors that put you at risk for fatty liver are:

1. Excessive alcohol use

2. Pregnancy

3. High cholesterol

4. Malnutrition

5. Metabolic syndrome

How can it be diagnosed?

1. Physical exam-

In this test your doctor detect disease by physically examining your abdomen.

2. Blood Test

3. Imaging Test



4. Liver Biopsy

Listing some healthy ways by which you can keep your liver healthy.

1. Quit alcohol

2. Eat healthy diet

3. Exercise regularly

4. Avoid chemical exposure

5. Get tested for hepatitis

6. Drink coffee


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