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Are you experiencing irritating and uncontrollable itching sensation on your skin? A red patches that makes you scratch more and more. A bump on your skin, hair or nails with a rounded edge.A patch that turns into the blister and starts to ooze.A rounded and edged circle that itches and spreads rapidly to other part of the body too.If you are experiencing these conditions then you are suffering from serious skin infection- ringworm which is also called as tinea.Ringworm is a serious skin infection which is caused by fungus.Usually these fungus live on the dead tissues of your skin, hair and nails and grows to your healthy skin and causes infection. These infections can grow on your scalp as well.This condition should not be avoided and should be treated by a skin specialist as soon as possible.
What are its noticeable symptoms?
Usually its symptoms are common in every people experiencing ringworm.Its symptoms include-

What Are the Symptoms?
1.Red, scaly patches on skin
2.Ring or circle shaped patches
3.Blisters or sores that begin to ooze
4.Uncontrolled Itching sensation
5.Rashes that spread to other areas
6.Patches on scalp
7.Hair fall
8.Often found on skin, nail and hair.

Is ringworm contagious?
It is highly contagious skin problem .You can get it from an infected person by skin-to –skin contact .You may also get it from your pets especially from birds .You can get infection by touching objects of infected person such as clothes, towels, brushes and comb. Spending more time in infected soil also increase your chances of getting it.

What are the treatments? 
Its treatment depends on the severity of the infections and where it is.Your doctor may prescribe you medicine, anti fungal cream, lotion or powder to relieve your problem.

Who are at more risk?
Ringworm can occur to any one at any stage of life.Usually it is more common in children and the people who owns pet.So it is important to be cautious about your conditions and your pet's condition if you find any unusual patches or rashes on skin.

How to take care at home?
You can take care it at home by following healthy practices such as cleaning and drying your skin.Avoid covering areas that itches and irritates.

How to prevent getting it?
Fungus are found everywhere that can spread one place to another and from one people to  another.You can prevent it following healthy practice and hygienic behavior.Avoid using contaminated towels,clothing,clothes,brush,equipment and other stuffs.

It is highly recommended to you to consult your dermatologist nearby right away.Talk to best skin specialist through


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