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Winter can be an extremely stressful and difficult time for the people with asthma. It is observed that people suffer more with asthma attack in winter compared to other month. People with asthma need to be cautious and extra vigilant to fight off asthma trigger. As, even simple cold and flu can trigger major asthma attack during cold.


So it is important to know how people with asthma can be healthy during all winter long. Asthma control is achievable and a best way to prevent attack is to avoid exposure that may trigger your problem. You need to be more careful about your regular medication too. 

As the temperature in winter dips, the condition of some people with asthma starts deteriorating very much. Therefore, most patients are advised to take special care during this season.

What causes asthma during winter?

1- In the winter season, the respiratory system usually becomes more vulnerable to get viral infections. Air tubes of asthma patients are already very sensitive and due to viral infections, they easily develop congestion or tightness.

Tips: It is impossible to completely stop viral infection, but by adopting some healthy measures you can reduce it to a great extent. Wash your hands before eating, do not go to more crowded places, be careful about the sufferers suffering from colds. You can also add hot beverages such as chicken soup or ginger juice, honey juice etc to your diet to greatly reduce your risk of getting infection.

2- Many times when you take out warm clothes and blankets from the box, the dust coming out of it also increases asthma. 

Tips: If you are suffering from asthma, ask another member of the house to do all this work. Use the woolen cloth and blankets before drying them in the sun for 2-3 days.

3- The cold wind blowing in this season also acts as a trigger for asthma patients. The cold air itself is very dry and by reaching the lungs it further increases the problem. Special attention should be given to those who participate in sports.

Tips: Before going to the outside, cover the body with warm clothes, especially the face and nose part. The best way to avoid this is to use muffler and cover the nose and mouth with it. By keeping the nose warm, there is a considerable reduction in asthma symptoms. 

4- In winter, people usually keep their windows and doors closed, that reduces the air supply and hence causes allergic reactions.


Here are a few other tips you can follow:

• Drink plenty of fluids in the winter.It helps keep your mucus thinner and can easily wash out from the body.

• Get your vaccination done on time

• Avoid exposure of dust as much as possible.

• Keep your sheets and blankets clean and wash them after every week in hot water to get rid of dust mites.

• Avoid exercising in cold air.

• Carry an inhaler with you if you go outside in case you have an asthma.

• Wear a mask or scarf over your face if you go outside.

It is true that circumstances in winter are such that they create problems for asthma patients but by using the right information and some measures, you can reduce your problems to a great extent.Therefore,f ollow the above mentioned measures and be happy.




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