What You Should Know About MRI Scans?

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging which is commonly termed as MRI Scan is a painless scan procedure which produces the detailed images of internal body organs, tissues and bones. The whole MRI procedure may last from 15 to 90 minutes and makes use of strong radio waves and strong magnets – not radiation to diagnose a variety of conditions, from ruined fibrous tissues to tumors, from cyst to cancer. The whole procedure time depends on the size of the body part being scanned and the number of images being taken. 

Doctors recommend MRI because the procedure can take cross-sectional views (scans) from many angles- from the front, from the side, or from above your head which helps doctor choose best treatment possible for particular medical conditions. Other scan procedures such as CT scan or X-ray make use of harmful ionizing radiations which poses severe hazards to health. So MRI can be seen as a better alternative than CT scan or X-rays. 

Why & When do you need MRI Scan?
MRI Scan Procedure is highly recommended by the doctors to get accurate and intricate pictures of defect or abnormality existing in internal parts of the body. Listing some main parts of the body where MRI Scan is performed to detect anomaly.

1)Heart- MRI Scan can be used to find out the defects or faults in the heart or blood vessels. MRI can help detect blocked blood vessel, change in the shape of heart or thickness of the muscles around heart

2)Brain- MRI Scan can help find out the defects in brain or any other damages such as stroke or tumor. MRI helps detect injured blood vessels of the brain and the tissues suffering from lack of oxygen.

3)Spinal Cord- If you have gone through any accidents or injury MRI Scan can help you detect injured vertebral or intervertebral disc of the spine. 

4)Tumors and Cysts- MRI can be used to identify whether the tumor is cancerous (malignant) or not. It can also be used to detect tumors in different parts of the body.

5)Joints- MRI procedure can also be performed on joints to know the reasons behind back pain, bone pain and spinal disc problems. 

6)Other Organs- It can also be performed on other organs to detect defects such as spleen, pancreas, liver, ovaries, breasts and prostrates. 

Things you should inform your doctors before undergoing MRI Examination. 
1)Suffering from any allergy
2)Suffering from liver or kidney disease
3)Have already undergone a surgery
4)If you are pregnant
5)Have any metals in the body such as piercings, metal limbs or pacemaker.
Before undergoing MRI procedures you will be asked to sign consent to go ahead. You will be asked to remove accessories, dentures, watches, hearing aids, or any metal objects from your body.
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