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Why Avail Old Age HealthCare Scheme?

Elderly can be considered a gem in the family. It is they who impart ethical values and code of conduct in the younger generation and play an important role in nation building. But the question is, are they getting proper care and concern from us? Are they getting routinely proper health check up done? Are they getting blood pressure, sugar test done timely? Do we make an attempt to indulge them in exercise, yoga and meditation and aware them about optimum and balanced diet. No, they only get these check up when their health situation becomes worse or when it’s too late. Sometimes a little ignorance  lead to death that can be addressed initially.








Are we concerned about our parent’s health?

Yes , We do care for our parents and keep concern for them. But in fast paced life we all are busy in our life that we rarely get time for elders. According to the WHO report, even the basic need of the senior citizens is not fulfilled. Increasing health problems are supposed to be the major concern of a society as older people are more prone to suffer from ill health than younger age groups. Social exclusion, isolation, loneliness and even negligence in old age lead to affect their health adversely.  


Do we live away from them?

Since families are being isolated due to several reason it is they who suffer the most. One most common reason is children’s job in another city or country. Nuclear family is a reality of the society. Hence Old Age Healthcare is required. Many people would prefer to live independently at home as they get older. Hence they require special care and health assistance to address their old aged problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes , alzheimer and hypertension.



Everybody especially the elderly should get an annual health checkup done. They need to speak to a doctor and get their health assessed for-chronic diseases, optimum diet, exercise, blood pressure test, sugar test, etc.

Old age care

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