Why Cell Phones Are Bad For Your Health?

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It is no exaggeration to say that cell phones have completely occupied every aspects of our lives and become unavoidable. If you are outside, you just need to look around; you will find more than half of the people using their cell phones. Fortunately it has revolutionized our life in many ways and made things easier for us. But as the old adage says- everything has a good and bad side and so it goes with the use of cell phone too, I will stress on excessive use of cell phone. Yes, you read it right- excessive use of cell phone can cause potential disorders that can affect your physical as well as mental health. 
Excess usage of cell phones has the same or worse impact as excessive smoking and consuming alcohol cause on health. It can put your eyes on the risk of blurred vision, dry eyes, pain, inadequate blinking, and vision loss. It may cause neck pain, wrist problem and thyroid problem. The cell phone radiation has been linked to infertility, brain cancer, hearing problem, disturbed sleep, heart problems, impaired immune system, memory loss, changed brain activity, melanoma of the eyes (a type of eye cancer) and reduced life expectancy. So it is recommended you to control your cell phone use to minimize your health risk.
Listing some tips by which you can reduce your risk factors and lower your health risk.
1. Staring your phone screen for the longer duration can cause serious strain on your eyes. It may also partially or fully damage your eyes. So it is strictly recommended you to cut down your usage timing. If it is extremely important for you to use cell phone for long duration then take 20 second break after every 20 minute and look 20 feet away.
2. If you are a music lover then there is a bad news for you. You might already be aware of that overuse or listening music at high volume can cause permanent hearing loss. Listening to music above 85 decibels can result in impaired hearing. So it is advisable for you to keep the volume as low as you can to prevent hearing loss.
3. Excessive use of cell phone especially at bed time can create havoc on your sleep pattern. It can highly disturb your sleep as your body stop producing sleep triggering hormone, melatonin, when used at night. Avoid insomnia as it can lead to serious illness if not managed on time. Avoid using cell phone before going to sleep. 
4. Excessive use of phone increases your chances of getting cancer. As the amount of radiation increases, so does the cancer risk. So avoid using cell phone if not needed. Keep yourself away from your body especially at night. 
5. It is better to be safe than sorry. So try to reduce your phone exposure drastically. Try to text people instead of talking on phone. You can use your phone on speaker mode or hands free kits while talking. Keep your phone on airplane mode when possible. Avoid making calls at weaker signals as the radiations are high at that time. Keep your phone away from the reach of children.
"Stay Informed,Stay Healthy."

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