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It's true that men are more prone to lose their hair than women due to baldness. But do you know the reasons behind baldness? What actually causes it? Women also experience hair shedding but less common than men. There may be many reasons that contribute to hair loss. It might be due to lack of vitamin, protein. Or, it might be due to some underlying health condition.

In most of the cases, there are various methods to treat hair loss.It all depends on the cause.Here are some reasons that might be responsible for showing less hair on your head.

1.Physical stress and emotional stress

Any kind of stress, anxiety, tension, and trauma can cause temporary hair loss. Depression and mental illness are a major cause of hair shedding. Hair’s life complete in three phases: a growth phase, rest phase, and shedding phase. When you are in stress, it can push the hair cycle into the shedding phase.

2. Too much vitamin A

Excess consumptions of supplements or medications that are rich in vitamin A can trigger hair loss.


3. Lack of protein

Deficiency of protein in your body also causes hair loss. If you do not take enough protein in your diet, your body may start shedding your hair. There are various sources of protein such as fish, meat, egg that you should include in your diet to stop or escape from hair shedding.


4. Heredity

If you belong to a family where women started to have hair loss at an early age, then you might be more susceptible to it. It may be due to a gene or hormonal imbalance.


5. Anemia

Almost one in 10 women aged from 20 to 49 are anemic due to an iron deficiency.  Anemia is one of the most common causes of hair loss. You can consult your doctor to do a blood test to make sure if you have anemia. It is easily fixable and can be treated with simple iron supplement.


6. Vitamin B deficiency

Deficiency of vitamin B is also a major cause of hair loss. Like anemia, it can also be treated simply by having vitamin B rich food such as fish, meat, vegetables, nuts, and plenty of fruits.


7. Medical treatments

Undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy can cause you to lose your hair. Going. After your treatment ends, your hair typically begins to regrow.

8. Hair treatments

Chemicals used for hair treatments like coloring, bleaching, straightening or curling can damage your hair. You should avoid over-styling and excessive brushing to prevent hair fall.


9. Aging

Aging is also one of the commonest cause of hair fall or thinning of the hair in women as they enter their 50s and 60s.

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