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Winter is the time of holidays, parties and festivities but for some people, it might be full of challenges.Winter becomes difficult to manage if you are a diabetic patient. People with diabetes should take extra precautions to be in the healthy and safe zone.According to a research people with type1 diabetes tend to have higher A1C in the winter than other seasons. But you can manage your diabetes with some lifestyle changes and a little adjustment in your daily routine.Listing some healthy winter safety tips for diabetic patients.


1. Exercise- Winter is a season of laziness, when it gets cold we spend more time being inactive and also lose motivation to be physically active, to exercise and spend more time in unhealthy eating and sleeping.Being a physically active is the best defense against insulin resistance.

2. Pay attention to your feet- If you are diabetic you should pay special attention to your feet. To protect yourself from cooler temperature, do not forget to wear warm socks and footwear as it does not only protect you from sores, cracks, and discoloration but also prevent future complexities.

3. Choose your food wisely- Winter is packed with delicious soups and mouth-watering dishes. It is a season when you can get more weight than any other seasons.Choosing your food wisely and adding diabetes-friendly diet helps prevent sickness.Add seasonal fruits and vegetables to your diet.Eating more citrus fruits is also a healthy option.


4. Keep moving- Do not let winter interfere your daily routine. Walking at least 30 minutes and other activities such as gardening, shopping, gymming, stretching which can keep you physically active should be a part of your winter activities.

5. Keep your skin moisturized- Excess indoor heat makes your skin more vulnerable to getting dry. Keeping your skin moisturized by applying oil or lotions and hydrated can help prevent skin from drying and fungal infections.

6. Keep yourself hydrated- In winter usually we drink less water as compared to other seasons. Drinking less water makes skin dry and also increases blood sugar level.Drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water to prevent dehydration.

People with diabetes can lead the healthy and fit life just by following healthy lifestyles, healthy eating, quitting alcohol, smoking and being physically active. Do not let any season affect your immunity and health. Be active, be healthy.Happy Winter!


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