World Down Syndrome Day,21 March: Know What Causes It In Children?

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World Down Syndrome, a global awareness event falls on every March 21st since 2012.  On this day, members of United Nations, International Organizations, Non-governmental Organizations and Private sectors are invited to raise public awareness of Down syndrome. The motive of World Down Syndrome day is to encourage people with Down Syndrome of all over the world to participate in activities and events to help spread awareness about the syndrome, what it means to have a life with syndrome and how people with syndrome contributes to communities and others lives.
Down syndrome is a lifelong genetic disorder which affects a child’s physical and intellectual development. A child with Down syndrome possesses an extra chromosome that results a list of negative health conditions that affects a person mentally and physically. Chromosomes are considered as a group of genes which are responsible for everything in your body such as how it looks, how it works, from hair color to skin color to the ways your food get digested. Chromosomes are behind everything in the body and when something goes wrong with them, they can lead to vicious effects on the body. 
As per the report published in Indian Express, It is stated that approximately 32,000 babies with genetic disease are born across India every year, but still there is a lack of awareness regarding the syndrome. 1:800 babies are diagnosed with some form of chromosomal abnormality which cannot be cured but the effect of disability can be reduced if children get right treatment and care early. 
Some most common characteristics and symptoms associated with Down syndrome are- 
1. A flat facial profile, low muscles tone and an enlarged tongue.
2. Short neck, Small head, ears, and mouth
3. Wide, short hands with short fingers
4. Slow learning
5. Delayed language and speech development
6. Impulsive behavior
7. Poor judgment
8. Short attention span
9. Learning disability
10. Bent fingure
11. Excess skin on the back of the neck
12. Vision disorder
13. Immune deficiency
14. Hearing loss
17. Heart defects 
What Causes Down Syndrome in Children?
Normally, each human cell possesses 23 pairs of chromosomes and a total of 46 chromosomes. One chromosome of each pair is received from mother and the other comes from father. When an extra copy of chromosome 21 is added it causes Down syndrome. That is why date 21 is celebrated as World Down Syndrome day.
In case if your child has developed these symptoms, you need to consult your doctor soon. The sooner your child problems are diagnosed, the earlier it can be managed and treated. Though, there is no cure for this syndrome but effective treatments may help in skill development and intellectual and emotional issues at great extent. Therapies like speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and counseling may also be effective in many positive ways. 
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