You Know about Parkinson's Disease?

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What Is Parkinson's Disease?

Parkinson's disease is an old age disease that hampers the proper functioning of the central nervous system that leads to a continuous loss of muscle control. The symptoms of Parkinson’s can be mild at first and can sometimes be unnoticed. Symptoms of the disease comprise tremors, rigidity, difficulty in body movements, and lack of control or balance. In some cases, Parkinson’s can affect adult too. It can be difficult to tell if you have Parkinson’s or not.

Here are some early Signs of Parkinson's

Tremor or Shaking-

70% of people with Parkinson's experiences tremor in their body. It gradually starts in a finger or hand when the hand is not busy or when the hand is not in use. It usually shakes 6 to 7 beats per second. Tremor also can be a symptom of another disease, so consults your doctor if you go through any symptoms.

Slow movement-

With the growing age, people naturally slow down. But if they have difficulty in movement, they may have Parkinson's disease. The slow movement hampers daily activities of life. When they want to move, the body may fail to adjust body’s position, or they may quickly stop or "freeze."

Bent posture-

People with Parkinson's are more susceptible to develop a bent posture. Their shoulders get bent and their head projected forward.This increases the difficulty in walking and the risk of falling.


Rigidity happens when the muscles become stiff or flexibility of muscles decreases. The arms may not stretch when a person is walking. There may be cramp or pain in the body. Most people with Parkinson's have a problem in stretching due to their rigid muscles.



Where should you go for the treatment? 

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