Your Uncontrolled Anger Can Ruin Your Health. Know How?

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Do you experience repetitive episodes of anger? Do you get annoyed and frustrated easily for no apparent reasons? Do you easily get irritated and impatient? Do you feel difficulty in controlling your temper? Do you let your anger outburst control you? If these are the conditions happening with you also, then you really need to read full text of this article.

It is absolutely fine and normal to feel anger sometimes. In fact little anger is healthy emotions which you experience when something unwelcome or unfavorable happen to you. But do you know experiencing frequent episodes of uncontrolled anger can wreak havoc on your health? You may have no idea that your anger, to what extent increases your likelihood of getting serious health issues. Your uncontrolled anger makes your body more susceptible to develop medical conditions that can completely ruin your physical as well as mental health.
Listing some threats your anger can cause on your health, if you experience it beyond control.

1)Increases the risk of cardiovascular disease-Uncontrolled anger and risk of developing cardiovascular diseases go hand-in-hand. Just like the other adverse conditions such as stress, depression and worries, frequent and uncontrolled episode of anger cause extra harm to your health. When you get annoyed, your body produces more stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline, which decreases the flow of blood to the vessels in result leads to increased blood pressure. The rise in blood pressure increases your chances of cardiovascular diseases. 

2)Lowers Your Immunity-Too much anger has been linked to suppressed immune function. Your repetitive behavior of anger will make you feel sick by dropping the level of antibodies.  As antibodies kills foreign intruders such as bacteria and virus in the body. Decreased level of antibodies makes your immune system weaker and increases your chances of getting sick.

3)Leads to Depression-There is still some confusion that whether anger causes depression or depression leads to anger. But both are highly associated with each other and both have adverse impact on your health. People who frequent show anger are found to be depressed. People who experience more anger are more vulnerable to get stroke and some other form of brain damage. 
4)Hurts Your Organs- Uncontrolled anger can have adverse effect on your organs. Not just the heart or immune system, it can take a toll on your pulmonary system. It has been found that people who experience too much anger easily fall into bad habits like smoking, alcoholism and drugs hence impairing their normal pulmonary functions.
5)Shorten Your Lifespan-Too much anger can reduce your life expectancy. The conditions associated with anger are tightly linked to shorten lifespan. Uncontrolled anger can eat you completely as it causes various minor to serious health conditions that can take a toll on your life.

If you are someone who is going through the same situation and want to get out of your anger. You need to consult with therapist or practice on your own to get rid of unwanted anger. has paneled top psychiatrist and psychologist who can help you manage your anger. 
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