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Common cardiology Problems-

Coronary Heart Disease, Pain or discomfort in chest, Abnormal Heart Rhythms, High Blood Pressure, Profuse Sweating, Nausea and Vomiting, Fast Heartbeat and Breathing, High levels of fatigue, Blue tint to the skin, Inherited heart conditions, Arrhythmia, Other diseases

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Cardiology is the branch of medicine that deals with the heart related problems and the circulatory system. A doctor who has specialized in this field of cardiology is called a cardiologist. Cardiologists treat diseases that affect the human heart. There are wide ranges of medical conditions that are treated by cardiologists including high blood pressure, hypertension, chest pain, heart failure, arrhythmias, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, management of blood thinners, congenital heart defects, cardiac arrest, stroke, and more. Patients can consult online with a cardiologist for non-emergency heart problems, cardiologist advice, for the second opinion of a cardiologist, and for follow-ups cases.

When to consult online with a cardiologist for heart-related diseases or cardiology problems-

• If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in the chest, abnormal heart rhythms,  high blood pressure, arms pain, dizzy sensations, fast heartbeat and breathing, high levels of fatigue, a blue tint to the skin, cholesterol problem, etc; then instantly consult a cardiologist .

• After heart surgery, if you feel discomfort then you can consult online with the cardiologist.

• To confirm that received cardiology treatment by your doctor is the best one

• To show your diagnostic reports to clarify about your heart health.  

• You can consult cardiologist online to explore other treatment options prior to heart surgery or procedure.

Frequently asked question and answer

1- Why should I take a consultation with a cardiologist?
Heart diseases can be life-threatening conditions because they sometimes show certain symptoms like chest pain, left-hand pain, fluctuations in blood pressure, etc but sometimes there are no symptom shows. Thus, it is very important to keep noticing and put attention on certain changes in the body like excess weight, high sugar level, high blood pressure level, high cholesterol levels, etc are can emerge the experience of heart diseases. We are recommended to consult cardiologist online to know your risk of getting heart diseases and ways to avoid them.

2- What are the symptoms of heart-related health problems?
The signs and symptoms of heart-related disease can vary greatly and are different for each individual.

The most common cardiovascular symptoms include the following:

• Tightness in the chest
• Sudden left-hand pain
• Heartburn
• Indigestion
• Shortness of breath
• Fatigue
• Dizziness
• Excessive sweating
• Sudden chest pain
• Chest discomfort

3- What are congenital heart diseases?
CHD (Congenital Heart disease) mostly occurs in kids. These heart diseases occur due to a developmental defect when the baby is developing in the mother’s womb. It is usually diagnosed antenatally in the ultrasound.

4- What is the echo test in cardiology?
An echocardiogram, commonly referred to as an echo test, is an examination that utilizes sound waves to visualize the heart. It is a graph that shows the heart's movements to understand heart functioning is running well or not.  After the echo test, the doctor can understand if there are any blood clots, issues in your aorta, etc. it also highlights heart capabilities like the working of the heart chambers and the efficiency of the valves. 

5- Is the patient can take follow-up consultation with the doctor? Is it free or paid?
DoctoriDuniya gives 3 days free follow up to the patients from the day of consultation with the doctor to the patient, after that if patients required to follow-consultation then regarding their previous consultation then they will have to pay the doctor fees online.

6- How can consult the best cardiologist online through
At DoctoriDuniya, you can access a verified best cardiologist’s online, write your health problem/complaints /symptom of disease, fill your basic details and pay consultation fees online and get an instant online consult with the doctor.

Online Consult

Online consult, e-consultation, or online consultation is a digital media facility called telemedicine; it does connect patients with the right specialist doctor to consult virtually and get e-prescription. Online Consult is user friendly, time saving and money saving. To consult a doctor online, the patient will have to write his or her problem, complaint, and symptom of disease after that doctor will provide consultation and give e-prescription. The patient can upload lab test report and diagnostic to see the doctor. Online consultation is very useful and convenient for treating non-emergency conditions. Online consult is also useful to find the best doctors to get second opinion for health problems. At DoctoriDuniya we ensure that patients will consult online only with verified doctors.
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