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ENT specialist, also known as Otolaryngologist is a doctor who is specialized in diagnosing and treating diseases related to ear, nose and throat. Doctoriduniya has top ENT specialists in its network who treat people with ear diseases, hearing loss, ear infections, nasal fracture, nose bleed, voice disorder, snoring, sore throat, tonsils, vertigo, thyroglossal cyst, sinus problems, perforated eardrum etc. Our ENT specialist is experienced in all minor and major surgeries such as eardrum repair, salivary gland surgery, nasal sinuses surgery, thyroid and parathyroid surgery and cosmetic surgery as well. Here at doctoriduniya, you can access a list of top ENT specialists. Book online appointment and consult with top ENT specialist now.

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Online consult, e-consultation or Online consultations is digital media facility called telemedicine to connect with right specialist doctor and get e-prescription. Patients write his or her problem, complaint and symptom of disease and doctor gives e-prescription. Patient can upload lab test report and diagnostic to see the doctor. This is very simple; open your e-opd, follow ups, medical record, payments and e-prescription. Online consultation works great for treating non-emergency conditions. Online consult is also useful to find the best doctors to get second opinion for health problems. At doctoriduniya we ensure that patients are consulting online only with verified doctors. Patients can consult online with ENT specialist for diseases and health problems like, chronic sinus infection, ear infection, inflammation of the middle ear, tonsillitis, sore throat, sleep apnea, swollen lymph nodes, tinnitus, chronic nose bleeds, nasal congestion, breathing problems, allergies, sinus problems, issues with smell, injury to the throat, tonsil infection, adenoid infection, asthma, sore throat, voice or swallowing problems, hoarseness, etc. Consult online with top ENT specialist doctor now at doctoriduniya.

ent Services in ghazipur

  • Voice Problem Treatment
  • Cerumen Removal Treatment
  • Dysphagia Treatment
  • Ear Infection Treatment
  • Ear Pain Treatment
  • Ear Wax Removal Treatment
  • Eardrum Rupture Treatment
  • Epistaxis Treatment
  • Foreign Body Ears Examination
  • Foreign Body Ears Treatment
  • Foreign Body Nose Examination
  • Foreign Body Throat Examination
  • General ENT Checkup
  • Laryngeal Biopsy Procedure
  • Laryngoscopy Surgery
  • Laryngotracheal Anomalies Treatment
  • Tonsilitis Treatment
  • Thyroplasty Treatment
  • Throat Problem Treatment
  • Nasal Allergy Treatment
  • Nasal Disorders Treatment
  • Nasal Septom Deviation
  • Swallowing Problem Treatment
  • Neck Infection Treatment
  • Speech Threrapy
  • Balloon Sinuplasty Treatment
  • Tinnitus Evaluation Treatment
  • Microsurgery of the Larynx
  • Speech Impairment Treatment
  • Speech Audiometry Treatment
  • Hearing Aid Fitting Service
  • Hearing Speech Impairment Treatment
  • Nose Bone Growth Treatment
  • Nose Disease
  • Nosebleed Treatment
  • Sinusitis Treatment
  • Sinus Excision
  • Sinus Allergy Treatment
  • Ear Piercing Service

Frequently Asked Questions about ent-specialist and related Diseases

What is sleep apnea? What are its causes and symptoms?

Sleep apnea is a serious breathing problem that occurs and interrupts the breathing during sleep. Some of its top causes are obesity, hypertension, sedatives addiction, enlarged tonsillitis, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, allergy etc. Some of its symptoms that show you might have sleep apnea are waking up frequently in the middle of the night, feeling tired after awakening, mood swings, depression, dry mouth, sore throat, morning headache, etc. On experiencing these symptoms it is advised to visit an ENT specialist to know the root cause of the problem.

What causes an ear infection?

Ear infection can be painful at times as it usually appears with symptoms like a severe earache, redness, fluid discharge, inflammation, sensory disruption, hearing problem, dizziness, fever etc. In most of the cases its symptoms go away on its own and in some cases, it does require appropriate treatment. Some of the most common causes of ear infections are a viral or bacterial infection, cold, allergy, flu, swelling in nasal passages and throat, etc.

Why should you visit an ENT Specialist or an ENT doctor?

An ENT specialist is a doctor who specializes in treating minor to severe infections and disorders of ears, nose, and throat. ENT disorders can be congenital or occur at any age of life. Sometimes the infection is minor and can be treated by a physician doctor. But in some cases, proper knowledge and experience are required to treat ENT disorders. In those cases, consulting an ENT specialist is the best option.

How can I consult best ENT doctor through DoctoriDuniya ?

At doctoriduniya, you can shortlist of best ENT specialist, ENT doctors, best ear specialist, top ENT surgeon, best ENT surgery hospital. Choose the right doctor and book online appointment to consult with them. Reach the clinic before 20 minute and consult the doctor.

When should you visit an ENT Specialist?

ENT disorders if not diagnosed or treated at right time, may cause permanent impairment and damage. These disorders are hard to recognize as sometimes they do not show any symptoms or problem. Some of the problems that warn you an ENT doctor visits are a hearing problem, ringing sensation (tinnitus) in the ears, ear infection, pain in the ear, sinus problem, throat infections etc.

What are the common symptoms of ENT Disorder?

There are some specific symptoms which are specific to ENT disorders and require specialized treatment. Some of the ENT symptoms are ear infection, nose infection, throat infection, ear injury, nose injury, hearing loss, hearing impairment, tonsil, allergy, asthma, sinus problem, nose bleeding, nasal congestion, sore throat, hoarseness, swallowing problems etc.

What is sinusitis? What causes it? What are its symptoms?

Sinusitis is a germ infection that causes inflammation and swelling in the tissues that surround the nose and ear. Some of its most common causes include immune deficiencies, allergies, infection from infected person, weather change, asthma etc. Sinusitis symptoms are somewhat similar to cold which makes it hard to differentiate between the two. Sinusitis symptoms include headache, stuffed and runny nose, low fever, cough, sneezing, thick nasal discharge, fatigue, congestion etc.

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