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  • Online display advertising module
  • Increase digital patient-base and grow your practice.
  • Establish and increase strong online presence
  • Expand your digital footprints
  • Engage new patients and retain old ones.
  • Strengthen online reputation and Build good relationship
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DD Scan – a online display advertising module

DD Scan is a unique, global and online display advertising module that enhances your clinic and hospital’s services visibility on web page and search engines. It helps and generates more patient-leads to your clinic and hospital. It helps to promote medical services on web portal that builds a strong online reputation, increases your brand awareness, improves patient engagement and increases patient retention

Advertisement of DD-Scan will help your clinic and hospital stand out on all prime positions on DoctoriDuniya web pages in all devices – like Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile.

Online Display Module
 Benefits of Your DD-Scan subscription

Benefits of Your DD-Scan subscription

  • Get premium position in related search page
  • Make Your Practice medical service visible to millions of patients
  • Get SMS alerts on book appointments and reminders
  • Get Maximum impressions
  • Build Strong online reputation

Target Your Patients

By your Specialties

Select your multiple specialties wisely for the advertisement on premium positions.

By Services

Select your keywords according to your medical services for targeting your patients

By your location

Select different geographical locations to your practice or service.

Target your patient
DD scan advertisement limitation

DD-Scan Advertise Limitation

As per Medical Council of India regulation act point 7.12, only Clinics, Nursing Home, Hospital, Diagnostic Centre and other medical health establishment can subscribe DD-Scan.

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