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Every Hospital and Clinic has moved online, why not you?
Practice Plus

Practice Plus

It is a magical products initiated by doctoriduniya for medical experts to connect with patients faster. You can create your digital profile at doctoriduniya platforms at 0 cost.

Features of practice plus-

  • Easy and User friendly Sign Up, Sign In
  • Account Password Recovery
  • Online appointments facility at your profile
  • Call center support
  • View Appointments
  • Manage appointments
  • Can updates edit profiles and can add images.
  • Can schedule their availability dates and the day they are on vacation.
  • Manage available doctors details at your clinic/hospitals.
Get started with no cost

Manage everything from anywhere

Manage everything from patient records, patient's appointments, to see future schedulingappointment and financial tracking with tremendous ease.

Manage everything from anywhere

Multi-tasking gone easy

With the advance patients management systems you can manage your multiple clinics/hospitals all visiting consultants and patients tracking with different roles and privileges.

24x7 Instant online appointment Booking

24x7 Instant online appointment Booking

Connect with your patients 24/7 hours and help them find you easily to book onlineappointment. Strengthen patient relationships by offering the premium convenience of DoctoriDuniya – from simple online appointment booking and custom reminders to seamless online check-in.

Call Centre Support

  • Implementing better patient experience.
  • Helping to patient retention
  • Enable continuous access to care
  • Helping to smooth functioning of the patients appointment process.
  • Bridging the gap between medical services providers and patients.
Call Centre Support
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