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A Digital healthcare advertisement module for clinics & hospitals which delivers an exceptional service.

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Digital Web Banner -A Online display advertising module

Create first Impression and leave a lasting impact on your patients.

Banner advertising module is a unique, global and online display advertising module through clickable banners that is the extended form of our text-only advertisement module.

The purpose of Banner advertisement module is to get noticed and make your clinic/Hospital stand out from all the others by displaying your hospital and clinic’s vital information in the form of banner/Image (usually in .jpg, .jpeg format) on web page header.

Digitalize your Brand

Banner advertisement module helps promote your clinic/ Hospital as a brand. The banner ad can take the visitor from the banner ad page to your hospital or clinic’s main landing page. Thus, it helps generate more patient-leads to your clinic and hospital.

Connect with your patients

Millions of people trust on us. Help them connect with you to grow your practice.

Display web banner is a powerful tool that help millions of patients. Discover you on Doctoriduniya.

Trusted by 15K clinics
Trusted by 10K Hospitals

Benefits of Digital Web Banner Subscription

Enhance visibility of Profile
Guaranteed Digital Promotion
Guaranteed Digital Promotion
Free Book Appointment Tool Activation
Big Size 1540px*380px display web banner image will be shown at clinic/hospital profile page
Benefits of Digital Web Banner Subscription

Your Data has only controlled by one owner. YOU!

You control or manage your data and privacy digitally on DoctoriDuniya.

DoctoriDuniya does not sell or share your data with any third party
Your Data is NEVER shared with a third party
Practice cannot see each other’s data
DoctoriDuniya follows stringent data policies so that it’s not compromised at any step