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DoctoriDuniya - a startup of Doctori Duniya Dotcom Pvt Ltd

DoctoriDuniya is a digital healthcare startup. It is initiated by Doctori Duniya Dotcom Pvt Ltd . DoctoriDuniya is a digital platform that mediates requirements, information, data, communications and payments between patients and doctors, clinics & hospitals. With the help of IT technology, DoctoriDuniya builds new solutions for patients and providers (doctors, clinics & hospitals). Startup name, DoctoriDuniya is matching with its url ( ). Patients also know this as Doctori Duniya, Doctor Duniya, Dr Duniya or Dr Duniya dotcom.

The aim of DoctoriDuniya is to provide a digital platform that helps patients to search specialist doctors, view fees, degree, experience, feedbacks, compare them and conveniently book an online appointment. DoctoriDuniya provides an innovative online digital platform to doctors, clinics and hospitals that gives access to a larger pool of patients and adds value to their medical practice.

DoctoriDuniya – Associated Network of Doctors, Hospitals and Diagnostic Centres

  • Our network consists of 20,000+ verified Doctors from 26+ esteemed specialties, 10,000+ best Hospitals, 5000+ top Clinics and 1000+ renowned Diagnostic Centers.
  • Thousands of patients from different geographical locations with different diseases have been assisted, served and treated at affordable cost.
  • We aim to be your trusted companion throughout your medical journey by providing the results that you desire.
  • We help patients schedule their online appointment and follow-up visits thus, reducing the waiting time.
  • We have done research to bringing out the best health advice, suggestions and tips for you.
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Search Top Doctor and Hospital

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With the huge number of doctors and hospitals easily accessible, choosing top doctor and right hospital can be quite challenging. Doctoriduniya will help you make informed decision easier and faster. We take care of all your medical needs and are committed to provide verified information of each health professional in ways never before possible. Know more about the doctor before booking online as per your medical requirements. Select a best hospital which can deliver better and significant services for patient’s specific disease, surgery or condition. Find best doctor nearest to your location now !

24/7 Online Appointment

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DoctoriDuniya provides you easily accessible and hassle free platform for scheduling online appointments and follow up visits. Booking online appointment of right doctor/clinic/hospital/ diagnostic centre as per medical requirement at anytime and from anywhere is easier now. You can use web, mobile phone or tablet for your online appointment booking.

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24/7 online consultation

24/7 Online Consultation

Do not have enough time to visit doctor’s clinic or hospital ? Or, want to save travel expense ? You need not to worry. You can consult online with any doctor from anywhere like

Other Places

Choose your doctor, consult online via preferred consultation mode (text, voice or video chat) with psychiatrist, gynecologist, skin specialist, neurologist, general physicians and 20+ other specialists, pay consultation charges and talk to your doctor online. You can use any browser, smartphone or tablet for online consultation.

List Your Practice

List your practice
  • Build your digital presence and grow your practice with doctoriduniya.
  • List your practice, hospital and clinic on doctoriduniya to reach more patients online and also get Patient Management Software for FREE!
  • Doctoriduniya is providing a highly technology based software service- "COMO". Which manage are your needs seamlessly.

DoctoriDuniya provides a digital platform to get your practice spread digitally into millions of patients. Be a part of digital healthcare and manage your patients effectively. Attract and engage new patients. Strengthen your online reputation by associating yourself with a digital healthcare system. Your friends and colleagues have already got listed. Associate with us and list your practice to serve millions of lives and deliver a premium experience patients love.

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