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DoctoriDuniya is state-of-the-art one-stop digital healthcare portal which provides solutions to patients to find best doctor and book instant online appointment. Its name is matching with its url doctriduniya.com. It is promoted by Doctori Duniya Dotcom Pvt. Ltd. Patients also know this as Doctori Duniya, Doctor Duniya or Dr Duniya. The aim of DoctoriDuniya is to provide a digital platform that helps patients to search for wide range of specialist doctors, compare them and conveniently book an online appointment easily. Doctori Duniya Dotcom has associated top-notch hospitals, doctors, clinics and diagnostic centers and aims at providing end - to- end quality and simplified healthcare solutions to the users at one platform with an conveniently .

Understanding the vast number of key challenges now available in healthcare space, DoctoriDuniya provides medical professionals, hospitals and clinics an innovative online platform that gives access to a larger pool of patients and adds value to their medical practice. It also helps doctors streamline and better manage their patients by enabling online appointment scheduling system.

DoctoriDuniya – Associated Network of Doctors, Hospitals and Diagnostic Centres

  • Our network consists of 20,000+ verified Doctors from 26+ esteemed specialties, 10,000+ best Hospitals, 5000+ top Clinics and 1000+ renowned Diagnostic Centers.
  • Thousands of patients from different geographical locations with different diseases have been assisted, served and treated at affordable cost.
  • We aim to be your trusted companion throughout your medical journey by providing the results that you desire.
  • We help patients schedule their online appointment and follow-up visits thus, reducing the waiting time.
  • We have done research to bringing out the best health advice, suggestions and tips for patients.
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