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Dr. Ajay Kumar Srivastava

Dr. Ajay Kumar Srivastava

MBBS, MD (Chest), Fellowship in Cardiology
Dr Chetan Kumar Nemani

Dr Chetan Kumar Nemani

MBBS, DNB (Chest Specialist) - 4 Year Experience
Dr Shashikant Barnwal

Dr Shashikant Barnwal

MBBS, MD (Chest)
Dr Tasneem Ahmad Lari

Dr Tasneem Ahmad Lari

MBBS, MD (Chest)
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More Doctors are also available to consult you online.
Tips to Consult Online and get e-prescription :
  • Enter your Contact Number
  • Click to continue and write OTP to verify
  • Enter patient name or select name from previously consulted patient name.
  • Write your current health problem, symptom and complaint in detail.
  • Write your past disease or medical history.
  • Select patient’s date of birth, sex, and write weight.
  • Upload your diagnostics or lab test reports if any available in Naini-personal medical account.
  • Pay online doctor e-consultation fees.
  • Patient will get SMS alert at the registered mobile number after consultation.
  • Patient will get e-prescription in pdf format at Naini- Personal medical account.
  • After online consultation, patients can do a free follow-up with the doctor, valid for 3 days.

Contact our customer care executive only enquire for Online Consult queries at - 9621077832
If you are facing any problems during online consultation as following-
  • If patients are unable to upload your lab report/diagnostic test reports in their “Naini personal medical account”
  • If patients are unable to login or view any details in "Naini- Personal Medical Account".
  • If patients have not received online consultation from a doctor after paying online consultation fees.
  • If patients are unable to pay doctor’s consultation fees online.
  • If patients are unable to decide which specialty doctor consultation they require according to their health problem.