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Dr Dilip Kumar Gupta

Dr Dilip Kumar Gupta

Dental surgeon
Available Today
10:00 AM-06:00 PM
Neha Dental Clinic Kushinagar

Neha Dental Clinic Kushinagar

Ward No 14, Malviya Nagar, Tamkuhi Road, Kushinagar

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Frequently Asked Questions about Online Appointment

1. After booking appointment from doctoriduniya what things patients should be kept in mind before visit at hospitals/clinics?

After booking appointment from doctoriduniya patients will receive appointment confirmation message. Please keep this message save in your mobile for future requirements. Patient or their guardian/attendant should have to show this message at reception of the clinic/hospital to get online appointment facility. In case you feel any problem regarding your appointment call at 7565000988 , 0551 2200198 . After confirmed online appointment from Doctoriduniya, following services will be easily available at clinic/hospital.

2. I have not received an appointment confirmation message at my mobile number what should I do?

If you have not received an appointment confirmation message from after booking the appointment then, you can contact at doctoriduniya call centre number-7565000988 , 0551 2200198 from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

3. I am unable to book appointment online because I can't see the doctor availability days and timing details?

If you can't see doctor's availability details then you can contact at doctoriduniya call centre number- 7565000988 , 0551 2200198 from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

4. Is DoctoriDuniya provides a free service for patients?

Yes, Doctoriduniya's services for the patients are completely free. We believe that digital platform is the best way to help patients to find the right doctors, clinics & hospitals. Our digital healthcare portal is completely unbiased.

5. Do I have to pay extra fees, if I have booked an appointment online?

Online appointment booking service is completely free from Doctoriduniya website or app. Book appointment online is free service from our appointment booking policy. In any cases if any hospital's/clinic's staff or receptionist ask for pay extra fees then please immediately complain regarding this concern to hospital manager if manager is not listening about your complain then kindly report this to us at

6. If we book an appointment through, do get extra better chance of getting an appointment?

We have no special tie-ups, relationship or consideration with doctors/hospitals/clinics in this regard. We are providing services as an independent unbiased site for patients. Doctoriduniya provide facility to the patients for book appointment online from anywhere and anytime, out team do best for patients that they don't have to wait at doctor's clinic/hospital after visit.

7. If I have booked an appointment through your website with a doctor then do I have to wait in the clinic/hospital?

We do our best for patients that they don't have to wait at doctor's clinic/hospital after visit. But there are some hospitals/clinics that run on strict schedules, while others use the appointment system to ensure that a patient's name is registered into their database, but the actual time of seeing the doctor depends on what happens on that day. It would be happen in very fewer cases and in that case you can contact at our call centre support-7565000988 , 0551 2200198 .

8. Some doctors/clinics/hospitals in my area are not listed on What do I do about it?

We are trying to list all the doctors, clinics and hospital at doctoriduniya portal, if any doctor at your area has been not listed at our portal then, please request your doctor/clinic/hospital to visit and get listed, it's completely free! We will be extremely grateful to you for helping us.

9. How can I give feedback for a doctor?

You just need to go to the profile of the doctor you consulted with and click on 'Give Your Feedback'. This will redirect you to a form, which you can fill and submit.

10. What is DD assured?

DD Assured is an inclusive patients-centric assurance from doctoriduniya which based on smooth patient experience and hassle free appointment. DD assured badge is the sign of quality healthcare service providing for patients.

11. Should patients pay extra charges to take consultancy with a doctor who has DD assured badge?

Not at all. DD Assured is inclusive and only for medical service providers. Patients can avail of these DD assured badge advantages without having to pay any extra cost.