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Common endocrinology Problems -

Acromegaly, Growth and Development, Adrenal Insufficiency and Addison's Disease, Cushing's Syndrome, Cystic Fibrosis link, Graves' Disease, Hashimoto's Disease.

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Endocrinologist is the study of the endocrine system in the human body. This is a system of glands that secrete hormones. Hormones are chemicals that affect the actions of different organ systems in the body. Examples include thyroid hormone, growth hormone, and insulin.

When to consult online with an Endocrinologist-

• Consultation with an Endocrinologist is needed in case of growth and development, tissue function, sleep, digestion, respiration, excretion, mood, stress, lactation, etc

• Endocrinologists can be consulted in case of Acromegaly, Adrenal Insufficiency, and Addison's Disease, Cushing's Syndrome.

Frequently asked question and answer

1- When should patients consult with an Endocrinologist?

Patients can consult online with Endocrinologist for non-emergency problems such as growth and development, tissue function, sleep, digestion, respiration, excretion, mood, stress, lactation, etc.

2- What is a Goiter?

Goiter is an enlarged thyroid gland. A person with goiter can have overactive, normal, or underactive thyroid function.

3- What happens if a person has an overactive thyroid?

They can become intolerant of heat, sweaty, lose weight, develop diarrhea. Heart rate also quickens, so some experience palpitations.

4- How can we consult the best Endocrinologist online through

At DoctoriDuniya, you can access verified best Endocrinologist online, write your health problem/complaints /symptom of disease, fill your basic details, and pay consultation fees online and get an instant online consult with the doctor.

5- Can the patient take follow up consultation with the doctor and is it free or paid?

DoctoriDuniya gives 3 days free follow up to the patients from the day of consultation with the doctor to the patient, after that if patients required to follow-consultation then regarding their previous consultation then they will have to pay the doctor fees online.

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Online consult, e-consultation, or online consultation is a digital media facility called telemedicine; it does connect patients with the right specialist doctor to consult virtually and get e-prescription. Online Consult is user friendly, time saving and money saving. To consult a doctor online, the patient will have to write his or her problem, complaint, and symptom of disease after that doctor will provide consultation and give e-prescription. The patient can upload lab test report and diagnostic to see the doctor. Online consultation is very useful and convenient for treating non-emergency conditions. Online consult is also useful to find the best doctors to get second opinion for health problems. At DoctoriDuniya we ensure that patients will consult online only with verified doctors.