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Dr Abhinav Agrrawal
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Eye Specialist in Sant Kabir Nagar

Eye specialist is an alternative name of ophthalmologist who is specialized eye doctor proficient in diagnosing and treating eye related diseases. Eye conditions like cataract, glaucoma, retinal disorder, macular degeneration, diabetic eye problem, and, eye infection are well diagnosed and treated by eye specialist. From prescribing medicine to glasses to contact lenses they are also trained in minor to major eye surgeries. Patients can find top eye specialist at doctoriduniya and book online appointment to consult with them.

Frequently Asked Questions about eye-specialist and related Diseases

What are the common signs and symptoms of eye diseases?

Symptoms depend upon the eye problem which usually includes eye pain, recurrent pain around the eye, blurred or double vision, bright floating spot, sensitivity to light, red eyes, a sudden change in vision, discharge from the eye, changes in the color of eyes, itching, and burning, etc.

What causes conjunctivitis (pinkeye)?

Conjunctivitis is a highly contagious eye disease which is associated with symptoms such as thick yellow or white discharge, redness, itchiness, inflammation, burning sensation, blurred vision, increased sensitivity to light, etc. Viral or bacterial infection, irritants of dirt or smoke, and dust allergy are common concerns.

What kind of tests is required to diagnose eye diseases?

Some of the most common test to diagnose eye diseases are color blindness test, cover test, ocular motility (eye movements) testing, stereopsis (depth perception) test, retinoscopy, refraction, slit lamp exam, the glaucoma test, pupil dilation, visual field test, visual acuity tests, tonometry, ophthalmoscopy, gonioscopy, visual field testing, nerve fiber analysis, pachymetry etc.

How can you consult the best eye specialist through doctoriduniya.com?

At doctoriduniya, you can access a list of the best eye specialist, book online appointment and consult with them. In need of medical help feel free to visit www.doctoriduniya.com.

What causes eye disease?

All eye diseases do not lead to complete vision loss. Some eye problem causes temporary discomfort and can be easily treated. Some of the top causes of eye diseases are a bacterial, viral or fungal infection, external injury, genetics, diabetes, migraine, allergies, high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, medication, etc.