Doctoriduniya Patient Support

A simple support guide for patients
What is Doctoriduniya medical app?

Doctoriduniya medical app helps you to find doctors from nearby clinics to top hospitals. With this app, you can search for doctors, clinics, hospitals, and diagnostic centers as per your need and book their online appointment. This app gives you access over 10K+ doctors with 26+ specialties at over 200 locations. You can also compare doctors, view fees, degree, experience, specialization, certifications, awards, and feedbacks. Read More

How to download DoctoriDuniya medical App?

To download Doctoriduniya App go to the google play store from your android mobile and search “DoctoriDuniya” then select the Doctoriduniya app and install. Read More

How to start DoctoriDuniya medical app?

When you have installed the DoctoriDuniya app into your android mobile then click on the DoctoriDuniya app icon then enter your city name and after that enter your 10 digit contact number and select continue, you will be received 6 digit OTP message at your given contact number. Enter those 6 digit OTP number and select continue, now you are completely able to access DoctoriDuniya medical app. Read More

How to book online appointment with the help of DoctoriDuniya Medical App?

For book doctor’s online appointment through the app click on specialty icons given in-app and enter city name where you want to book doctor’s appointment, now you can see the available doctor’s list and book their appointment online appointment. Another way to book a doctor’s appointment is, click on an online appointment icon which is on top of the app and enter the city name and specialty, service or symptom and after that select search option, now you can see the available... Read More

How to do online enquiry with the help of DoctoriDuniya Medical App?

For online enquiry about your problem through the app, click on online enquiry icon which is on the top of the app in the right side and write your problem and send, after sometime later you will be received a call from Doctoriduniya Call centre regarding your enquiry. Read More

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