What are barriers to healthcare access in rural areas?

Distance and Transportation

In rural regions centers, those provide health insurance services are very less. And if some hospital/clinic has insurance services but they nevertheless are taking charges from patients who do not have enough knowledge about insurance facilities and its term and condition for medical service providers.

Poor Health Literacy

Unawareness about medical healthcare can also be a barrier to accessing healthcare. Health literacy impacts a patient's ability to understand health information and instructions from their healthcare providers. Usually, it can be especially concerning in rural communities, where lower educational levels. Less awareness about healthcare can create fear or frustration in people and this can be also caused by residents reluctant to seek healthcare occurrence.

We as a dotoriduniya team make aware peoples about healthcare and they can also do telephonic communication with our customer support manager without hesitation and our customer support team helps them to recognize their disease problem and provide support to accessing health services.

Social Stigma and Privacy Issues

In rural areas, social stigma and privacy problems are likely to impede access to medical healthcare services.

In rural areas, social stigma and privacy problems are likely to impede access to medical healthcare services.

Rural residents can have privacy concerns about seeking care for mental health, substance abuse, sexual health, pregnancy, or even common chronic illness.

In Doctoriduniyapatient’s privacy is extremely important for us. Only authorized members of our healthcare team can view the patient’s details and patient’s health records. has created a secure system for keeping the patient's information safe. Our system uses specific protocols and a secure network to keep your health record safe. So the patient’s every information is safe and secure in our database.

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