What is the problem of accessing healthcare service by rural communities and how doctoriduniya help them?

Access to healthcare services is prime to good health, but in rural residents face a variety of barriers to accessing quality healthcare services.

Access to right healthcare service is important for:
  • • Overall physical, social, and mental health status
  • • Disease prevention
  • • Detection, diagnosis, and treatment of illness
  • • Quality of life
  • • Preventable death
  • • Life expectancy

Doctoriduniya initially helps to educate patients about to choose the right doctor for their diseases. We open the options for patients by which patient can easily choose their required doctor/hospital/clinic as per their as per at his own choices. Our customer support team helps and guide about diseases information, right doctor’s information and right hospital information to patients who belongs to a rural area or to whom those do not have awareness about healthcare.

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