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Dr Anwar Jamal Siddiqui
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  • Abnormally Shaped Teeth Treatment
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Crowded Teeth Correction Treatment in Basti

Crowded teeth and irregular teeth are caused by irregular tooth size, past dental trauma, a cleft lip or palate, disharmony between the size of your teeth and the size of your jaw - your jaw might be too small for your teeth, or your teeth too large. It can create several dental issues, including premature wear, gum disease, and jaw and joint pain and damage. Crowded teeth can be corrected with the help of braces, Invisalign, retainers, and surgery. This procedure is carried out by dental surgeons or dentist.

A dental surgeon is a specialist whose practice is in the field of dentistry. A dentist or a dental surgeon is a doctor who is specialized in diagnosing, preventing, and treating problems related to oral cavity (teeth and jawbones). A dentist is a trained and qualified doctor who treats all the teeth related conditions such as teeth pain, gum care, Bad Breath, tooth decay, gum diseases, mouth sores, fever blisters or cold sores, Stained Teeth, Cavities, Chipped Tooth, impacted teeth, cracked tooth, Tooth Sensitivity, toothache, gingivitis, periodontitis, oral cancer, mouth sores, tooth erosion, tooth sensitivity, crooked teeth, gap between teeth, unattractive smile, Wisdom Teeth Problem, and dental emergency, etc. Patients can consult online with dentists for non-emergency dental problems, dentist advice, for the second opinion of a dentist, and for follow-ups cases.

When to consult online with a dental surgeon-

• Patients should have to consult a dentist when they have the following signs and symptoms like Whitish or chalky patches in the teeth surface, Bleeding gums, Bad breath, Grayish-white plaque buildup on the teeth, small and black pit on the tooth surface.

• For the second opinion for mouth and teeth related diseases.