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Dr Indu Tiwari
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Dr. Seema Singh
Dr. Seema Singh
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Dr. Tayyeb Sultan Khan
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Abnormally Shaped Teeth Treatment in Chitrakoot

An abnormally shaped tooth is any tooth that has an irregular shape. Abnormally shaped teeth can result from many different conditions. Specific diseases can affect tooth shape, tooth color, and when they grow in. Some diseases can lead to the absence of teeth. Some of the conditions that may be related to abnormally shaped teeth are Cerebral palsy, ectodermal dysplasia, congenital syphilis, cleidocranial dysostosis, Ehlers-danlos syndrome, ellis-van Creveld syndrome, incontinentia pigmenti achromians. If the tooth shape is abnormal without proper reason, then it is better to consult a dentist or dental surgeon.
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