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Services of Dr Priyanka Bhati

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Common questions & answers for Dr Priyanka Bhati

Q: What is the Dr Priyanka Bhati degree and specialization?
Ans: Dr Priyanka Bhati is a BPT, MPT Physiotherapy doctor.

Q: What kind of treatments provides by Dr Priyanka Bhati?
Ans: Dr Priyanka Bhati provides top services for patients are following - etc.

Q: What is the name of the center where does Dr Priyanka Bhati practices?
Ans: Dr Priyanka Bhati, Physiotherapy is practices at , located at

Q: What is the patient’s opinion about Dr Priyanka Bhati?
Ans: According to patients opinion Dr Priyanka Bhati, is the best Physiotherapy in Faridabad.

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