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Shivalik Hospital


2A/3A Bypass Road, Phaphamau, Allahabad


Shivalik Hospital is one of the multispecialty hospitals providing advanced treatment to all minor to major problems round the clock. The hospital is located at Bypass Road, Phaphamau in Allahabad and visited by city’s best general physician Dr. Arvind Randhawa. The center has dedicated team of health professionals and staffs who also offer additional services like laboratory facilities, scanning, multi channel ECG services, X-rays, pathology, advanced laparoscopic procedures, etc. The hospital offers patient centric approach and follows ethical and affordable means of treatment. The hospital is well designed and well equipped with 35 bed facilities and specialized in obstetrics, pediatrics, neonatology, laparoscopy, and gynecology. Some of the top facilities, center offers are- First Aid Treatment,Diabetes Management,Health Checkup,Managing acute medical condition,Chronic Pain Treatment,Tubectomy/Tubal Ligation,Viral Fever Treatment, high blood pressure management, etc.
11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
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2A/3A Bypass Road, Phaphamau, Allahabad
Dr Arvind Randhawa
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Monday to Saturday
11:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Emergency Treatment
First Aid Services
Diabetes Management Program
Health Checkup
Acute Condition Treatment
Chronic Pain Treatment
Tubal Ligation Procedure
Chronic Pain Treatment
Viral Fever Treatment

12 Jun 2018

Really Good Doctor in all the manner. Good behavior Good Explanation to us for our Better Satisfaction. Staff behavior is also very good.

13 May 2018

staff very nice and easy to get an appointment

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