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    Hypogonadism Treatment in Jaipur

    Hypogonadism occurs when your sex glands produce little or no sex hormones. In testes or the ovaries, that may result in diminished production of sex hormones. Hypogonadism may also be known as gonad deficiency. It may be called low serum testosterone or andropause when it happens in males. Types of Hypogonadism are primary hypogonadism and central (secondary) hypogonadism. Causes are liver and kidney diseases, undescended testes, hemochromatosis, radiation exposure, genetic disorders, infections, HIV, pituitary disorders. Symptoms that may appear in females include lack of menstruation, slow or absent breast growth, hot flashes, loss of body hair and in males are low or absent sex drive, infertility, fatigue, hot flashes. Hypogonadism is treated by sexologists.

    A sexologist is a doctor who is specialized in diagnosing and treating problems related to sexuality. Sexologists educate people about how to lead satisfying, safe, and fulfilling sex lives by specifically addressing the issues which may include psychological or physiological problems. Sexologist commonly treats problems such as, Erectile difficulty(erectile dysfunction/impotence) Ejaculatory control difficulties including premature ejaculation, lack of or reduced desire or arousal, Difficulty maintaining arousal, Difficulty reaching orgasm, Fear of or aversion to touch, intimacy, penetration or pain, Feeling abnormal (in terms of sexual behavior, fantasy, capability, physique, etc.), Feeling inexperienced, uninformed or misinformed, & unskilled in sexual matters, Feeling ashamed of sexuality or sexual desires, Sexual orientation identity (straight, gay, bisexual, etc.), Sexual compulsion and many more. Patients can consult online with a sexologist for sexual health problems and sexologist advice.

    When to consult online with a sexologist-

    • Patients should have to consult sexologists when they have difficulty during intimacy and performance issues.

    • Sexologist advice for private queries.

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