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Andrology Treatment in Jaunpur

Andrology is the medical specialization that specializes in men’s reproductive health. Andrologists are often urologists who are fully focused on treating conditions that affect male fertility and sexuality, rather than practicing a wider form of urology. This specialty includes the treatment of physical conditions that affect the genitals, such as undescended testes, as well as injuries and diseases that can affect fertility or sexual function. The symptom of diseases which can be treated by andrologist is Erection or ejaculation problems, low sex drive, or other problems with sexual function, pain, discomfort, a lump or swelling in the testicle area, etc. Andrology treatment is usually provided by the urologist.

A urologist is a doctor who specialized to treats diseases of the urinary tract in both males and females. That includes all organs and other body parts along the path urine takes out of the body. Urologists may also treat diseases of the male reproductive system. Urologists commonly treat health problems and diseases such as urinary tract infections (UTI), blood in urine, pain at a time of urination, pain in the pelvic area, weak urine flow, leaky bladder, cystitis, urinary incontinence, bladder stones, kidney stones, prostate enlargements, scrotal diseases, Urinary Tract Obstruction, Urine Stone, Sensitive Bladder, Urinary Tract Infection, etc. Patients can consult online with a urologist for non-emergency problems, advise for the second opinion, and for follow-ups.

When to consult online with a urologist-

• Consultation with the urologist is needed in case of interstitial cystitis, also called painful bladder syndrome, kidney diseases, kidney stones, prostatitis, which is inflammation of the prostate gland, urinary tract infections (UTIs) varicoceles, or enlarged veins in the scrotum, etc. 

• For the second opinion of urology-related disease.

• To show diagnostic reports to clarify about health.