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Town Hall near JDC bank, Orai, Uttar Pradesh 285001
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Dr M Rajput
BDS, MDS, Dental surgeon
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Dr. Seema Singh
Dr. Seema Singh
Dental surgeon

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Dr. Tayyeb Sultan Khan
Dr. Tayyeb Sultan Khan
Dental surgeon

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Crowded Teeth Correction Treatment in Orai

Crowded teeth and irregular teeth are caused by irregular tooth size, past dental trauma, a cleft lip or palate, disharmony between the size of your teeth and the size of your jaw - your jaw might be too small for your teeth, or your teeth too large. It can create several dental issues, including premature wear, gum disease, and jaw and joint pain and damage. Crowded teeth can be corrected with the help of braces, Invisalign, retainers, and surgery. This procedure is carried out by dental surgeons or dentist.
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