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Why are you list doctors/hospitals/clinics, if we can take appointment through walk-in?

Our mission to provide the digital portal where patients can find the right doctor and right hospital/clinic. We are also helping users/patients in making their visit ease. If the doctor/clinic/hospital only has a walk-in facility, we help patients by providing the address, doctor’s complete information, and doctor’s availability details. Read More

Why primary care is play important role in emergency cases?

In emergencies, primary care can provide basic required health services, detect and manage emergency cases, prevent disease outbreaks. In emergency condition patients first need primary care, the primary care team makes patients condition stable till specialist doctors not come. Primary care providers are part of a team of experts who can meet your specific needs. These groups typically consist of doctors, nurses, medical assistants, nurses, staff providing access to pa... Read More

What are the major healthcare issues in rural areas?

People who live in rural areas do not get efficient healthcare services in the private sector of healthcare. There are many major healthcare issues in a rural area like The high cost of care, Inadequate or no insurance coverage, lack of availability of services, Poor Health Literacy and many more. Read More

Why is health important in life?

For achieving a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition, regular checkup, and primary care are important factors. Combined with physical activity, your diet, regular checkup, and primary care can help you to reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic diseases (like heart disease, stomach disease, kidney disease and many more), and enhance your overall health. Read More

Do rural areas in India have enough resources to be healthy as urban areas?

India has made many achievements in the development of the healthcare system. But, nevertheless, India faces the persistent rural-urban gap. The nation today urgently needs to strengthen the country’s rural health infrastructure to better its health status beyond the middle and upper classes of society. To improve this, many companies are constantly working to make people aware of digital health services. Doctoriduniya is one of the leading companies that work for pro... Read More

What is the problem of accessing healthcare service by rural communities and how doctoriduniya help them?

Access to healthcare services is prime to good health, but in rural residents face a variety of barriers to accessing quality healthcare services. Access to right healthcare service is important for: • Overall physical, social, and mental health status • Disease prevention • Detection, diagnosis, and treatment of illness • Quality of life • Preventable death ... Read More

What are barriers to healthcare access in rural areas?

Distance and Transportation In rural regions centers, those provide health insurance services are very less. And if some hospital/clinic has insurance services but they nevertheless are taking charges from patients who do not have enough knowledge about insurance facilities and its term and condition for medical service providers. Poor Health Literacy Unawareness about medical healthcare can al... Read More

Who are quacks or agents in medical healthcare field?

A quack is a person pretending to have medical skills without undergoing any formal training in medicine. Several doctors hire public relations officers to work as agents. “These agents go to practitioners introducing the doctor he works for and offers incentives for sending patients. Some doctors in medical field hire a public relations officer and offer kickbacks in return for patient referrals. These agents work for multiple doctors simultaneously. These agents either get paid monthly salari... Read More

Why is primary care access important for rural residents?

Primary health care is the most basic along with emergency care healthcare services, the most important service needed in rural communities. Primary care providers offer a wide range of services and solve a wide range of medical issues. Some benefits of primary care access are: Preventive services, including early disease detection Care coordination Care coordination Reduction in low birth weight Improved health behaviors People must have to understand that in an emergency cases ... Read More

Why doctors taking support of these quacks and pro to get patients leads?

In the private healthcare field some corporate hospitals often set targets for doctors on how many patients they should treat and how many medical procedures they must perform in a given timeframe. If a doctor cannot achieve the targets, he could lose his affiliation with the hospital. Those Doctors trying to establish their practice are given the impression that if they do not pay commissions, their practice will not survive. Except for this, new practitioner doctors have to rely on word of mou... Read More

How ambulance drivers do misguide patients?

In rural areas, doctors also pay off ambulance drivers. Many times patients, who might have been saved, die because they went to a wrong doctor or a hospital that is not equipped well enough. Ambulance drivers do fraud with the patient and patient attendant, in several cases the patient needs to go to other hospitals but ambulance driver misguided patient attendant and take them those hospitals where they get incentives or cuts for providing patients. Doctors are not only live savior, very often... Read More

Is the real culprits are corporate hospitals who do organized corruption?

Independent doctors are small fish in the pond. The real culprits are charitable and corporate hospitals that do organized corruption. Many hospital owners offering incentives to doctors for referrals patients to the hospital. 20% of head-injury patients do not reach the right hospital and doctor because of cut-practice. Instead of referring to a hospital which is well equipped, we have seen that patients are sent to smaller hospitals because there is money involved. Read More

How Asha bahu do misguide patients?

An accredited social health activist (ASHA) is a community health worker instituted by the government of India's Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) as a part of the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM). In many delivery cases of rural residents, Asha bahu misguide pregnant women's guardians at the time of labor pain or delivery. They carry patients to inappropriate gynecologists’ doctors, who don't have proper degree for treating patient. For doing this they receive a commission from... Read More

What is cut practice in medical healthcare?

In the last two decades, there has been rapid commercialization of medical services which has led to cut-throat competition among doctors to attract patients for higher revenue generation. Usually, any doctor can refer patients to other specialist doctors, for example, a general physician can refer patients to a super-specialist doctor. But in cut practice when any doctor refers to the patient to other specialist or super-specialist then they get receive some percentage from the specialist or su... Read More

Are private hospitals and private medical practitioners in India cheating people by giving unnecessary surgeries?

Some doctors do work on cut practice but some who don't do such works. Mostly in a rural region and sometimes in urban regions, doctors try to force people to do surgery because in surgery cases doctors get the high amounts. And due to a lack of proper knowledge about their disease and treatment process, the patient gets a victim of doctors Conspiracy and they get misguided by doctors in surgery cases. In such cases, we help patients by conveying right and authorized information about doctor, ... Read More

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